What's Unique About This Method?

Teaches you to play keyboards in a modern and contemporary way

Focuses on chords and chord progression training, not on reading music

Is not overwhelming with millions of unnecessary exercises and concepts

Includes short videos with killer exercises that will make you excel in record time

Instantly downloads to your computer so you can start immediately

Is the best price on the market! Cheaper than one single private lesson!

Adictum Piano & Synths is the fastest and most innovative method on the market. Learn to play in a very contemporary way, just as you have always wanted!

Most people imagine that learning how to play the piano is sitting next to a professor learning to play classical music and melodies.

What about those who do not wish to become piano soloists? What use is a traditional system for those who are not interested in learning to play songs by reading sheet music or who don’t wish to play classical or instrumental music?

This system is ideal for people who prefer to learn in an untraditional and exciting way.

We have put together a quick and easy method to learn to play piano and keyboards, for those who are anxious to know the modern techniques that follow the current music tendencies.

Anyone who wants to learn to play with a band and accompany other instruments, or play piano or keyboard and sing at the same time, or compose and record their own music would greatly benefit from a more contemporary approach at learning.

We are talking about a modern system which is designed for students who want to play in a band and play chords, rhythms, and riffs.

Adictum Piano & Synths has come up with a super quick method, with short videos to learn and practice the keyboard and contemporary piano. You will learn the most important techniques that you will need to start playing in a band, or to play music such as rock, pop, electronica, etc.

Generally, the traditional way of learning to play piano is strictly reliant on learning to read music, using the right hand to play melodies and the left hand to play chords. In this method you will not have to learn how to read music in order to be able to play the keyboard well enough to play in a band or with other musicians.

This system is based on chord progressions which progressively teaches the ability to improvise with chords with both hands.

This is the fastest training for those who wish to see immediate results! Don't waste time on learning things that you will never need to use.

Your hands will obtain independence from each other!

We will go through many exercises for you to learn to play chords and their inversions.  You will also learn crucial rhythm training, and much more!

We Also Have Very Special Free Bonuses for You!

Adictum Scales

We have come up with a very practical way of practicing scales on the keyboard. Get this package of videos and ebook totally free when you order Adictum Piano & Synths!

Knowing the correct way to play the scales will help you to improvise and create solos, riffs and melodies.

Adictum Rhythm & Left Hand Training Videos

These are very didactic and practical videos which you will have to teach you at anytime of the day.

Adictum Rhythmic Training is a very simple, quick, and professional guide for learning to read rhythm on the keyboard. The video will teach you how to read time values in music while practicing different rhythm patterns. It includes 30 exercises which provide a comprehensive way to practice rhythm on the keyboard. 

Left Hand Training is a quick warm up and training video. This is an arpeggio based exercise for the left hand to help strengthen the fingers and make the hands independent of each other.
Chords and Inversions

Adictum Chords and Inversions is an ebook of 120 essential chords and inversions which will guide you alongside the training program Adictum Piano and Synths. In this ebook you will be able to find the most important and useful chords while practicing the lessons.

After you have completed this program, the final result will be positively surprising as you are able to recognize and play most of the common chords in all of their positions.

You will reach the possibility of being able to improvise harmonically, accompanying a voice or other instruments or even start composing your own songs!

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Adictum Piano and Synths plus the special free bonuses is available to you, through immediate digital download, for the low price of only $49!

One single private lesson, which lasts at most an hour, will cost you at least $50. With our innovative method you will get hours of practice and training and you will see yourself progress and learn many useful techniques in a very short amount of time.

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