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Fifth Chords or Power Chords on the Keyboard

Power chords on the keyboard are formed with the first note (or root note) and the fifth note of its specific scale. These type of chords are not labeled as major or minor yet can take the place of a major or a minor chord. They are also used to relay a powerful and hard sound or feeling. These chords are often used in rock and pop music.

The most common way to play fifth chords are with fingers one and five (the thumb and the pinky fingers) of both hands.

Here is a list of fifth chords and the notes they contain:

C5 = C, G
C#5 = C#, G#
D5 = D, A
D#5 = D# A#
E5 = E, B
F5= F, C
F#5 = F#, C#
G5 = G, D
G#5 = G#, D#
A5 = A, E
A#5 = A#, F
B5 = B, F#

What are Keyboard Workstations, Synthesizers, Controllers, and Sequencers?

Many of the people that are interested in learning to play the keyboard are sometimes unsure if they should first learn to play piano or if they should go ahead and learn the keyboard and synthesizer from the get go. They also have many questions about what kind of instrument that they should purchase.

The first thing that I would like to stress to anyone who is a beginner or who holds any interest in learning to play this sort of instrument that the notes and chords are the same on an acoustic piano (or grand piano) just as they are on an electric keyboard, synthesizer, or an organ.

Basic Keyboard

The main difference is the style in which each instrument is played and the functions that they each have. This is also dependent on the keyboardist, being that classical music or Blues can be played on a piano or a synthesizer as well. The primary difference is that the piano only has one sound – the piano sound – but electronic keyboards have many diverse sounds. For the most part, they are played in a similar way.

Obviously, an advanced synthesizer or workstation is much more complex and has many more functions. They can also emulate acoustic sounds and can create rhythms and effects. Almost any style of music can be played on them.

What is the Difference Between a Keyboard and a Synthesizer?


In general terms, when speaking about musical instruments, they are the same. Keyboard is a more generic term and can be used to describe a very basic keyboard which has very few functions and can also be used to describe the most complex workstation or synthesizer.

A simple keyboard comes with established sounds that generally can’t be modified and also includes rhythms for accompaniment.

A synthesizer is an electronic instrument that can be controlled through a keyboard and allows for the modification and creation of sounds. A synthesizer can make a wide range of sounds and can produce new timbres. There are also synthesizers that do not come with a keyboard, these are called modules.


Modules can be controlled through a keyboard, a computer, or a keyboard controller. A keyboard controller is just a keyboard which does not generate its own sounds yet uses the sounds from other sources such as a module, another keyboard, or sounds from musical software with midi sounds.

What is a Keyboard Workstation?

A keyboard workstation is an instrument with more complex and powerful functions. This is a keyboard which comes with an enormous amount of versatile tools. It has a recording function and also has a sound bank with high quality sounds and a sequencer.


A sequencer is a program which allows you to record and edit multiple tracks. For example, you can record drums in one track, strings in another, piano in another, and so forth. There are many different sequencer programs, or digital multitrack softwares.

A workstation already comes with a sequencer which makes everything much easier, this is especially ideal for performing live since you can play multiple voices at the same time.

I hope that you now have a better understanding on the differences between the various types of keyboards. This is very beneficial to know, especially for when you are ready to purchase one. Keep in mind that when you are first starting to learn, it is not necessary to buy one that is very sophisticated and complex.

How To Play Sandstorm on Synthesizer

The Classic Synthesizer – Minimoog

Minimoog is one of the most favored synthesizers, which first came out in the beginning of the seventies. This synthesizer was more convenient than Moog modular since it was very portable and well built and could easily be transported in tours. Also, since it was smaller it was also more affordable than the Moog Modular.

Like all of the synthesizers of its time, the Minimoog was monophonic which means that it could only play one note at a time. It was also unable to save settings.

The designer of the Minimoog and the Moog Modular was Bob Moog, hence the names of the keyboards.

People today are still searching for the unique sounds from the Minimoog. In 2002 Bob Moog released a newer version of the Minimoog that he called The Minimoog Voyager. This keyboard his 61 keys and has sensitivity to speed and after-pressure.

Check out the how the first Minimoog sounded:

More about the creator of the Minimoog, Bob Moog:

This is the new Minimoog – Voyager:

Great Keyboard Riffs from the 80′s

This is a fun video that presents some of the most popular keyboard riffs of songs from the 80′s.
The 80′s was a very good period of music; there was a lot of creativity and use of keyboards and synths. This is something that is missing from the most popular music of today.