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Rhythmic Training – A Quick Guide for Learning Rhythm on the Keyboard (Video)

rhythmic training for pianoI would like to take an opportunity to talk to you about something that is important for any musician – rhythm. I would specifically like to explain more about note values and rhythm training.

A note value indicates the duration of a note. On the keyboard this could be played as a single note or in chords (groups of notes).

It isn’t totally necessary to learn to read music to be able to play it, but it is important to know about rhythm and note values, and also to have good rhythm training. This way you will be able to improvise rhythmically with any instrument.

This will also help you to be able to create your own rhythm patterns, which is very important when playing instruments such as the keyboard, piano, or guitar. This will also enrich the style of how you play the instrument.

Rhythm is always entwined within melody and harmony. There are, quite possibly, many people are able to play very complex rhythms without having studied it, although they must have put in a lot of practice to be able to do it. Others who have played the instrument for a long time, but are not as gifted, may not know of the infinite possibilities of rhythm if they haven’t had any sort of rhythm training. This is why it is very important to study and know about rhythm.

Some of the notes and rests that we will see in the video are:

*a rest symbol is a silence which corresponds to each note value and lasts for the same duration

In this video we will see how these notes function with some examples of different rhythm patterns, using a variety of combinations of note values.

The video is very intuitive and easy to understand; it is a compilation of 30 exercises with various rhythm combinations. The first part of each exercise is played with the right hand and presents the rhythm pattern with a chord.

The rhythm pattern is repeated in the second part of each exercise and is played two times in the style of a melody with both hands.

Try to visually identify each rhythm played with the corresponding graphic which appears in each exercise.

Practice each exercise several times. At first, some of the rhythm patterns may be a bit difficult. It is best to start out on the first exercise using your foot to guide you with the rhythm.

Focus on consistently tapping your foot to the sound of the cymbal until your foot is able to move automatically and independently from the movement of your hands. It is vital for any musician to use their foot to guide themselves rhythmically.

Take as much time as you need for each exercise until you are able to play it as close to the video as possible.

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